Knitting: Rusty Tweed MayCroft Shawl

I am incredibly close to finishing my Maycroft shawl. I’ve been working on it here and there for close to two years now I think. Now before you suffer an attack of the vapors, this is not the normal length of time it takes me to knit a shawl. This particular one has been in and out of hibernation again and again. And once you get past a certain point on shawls, particularly when they’re knit with fingering weight yarn, it is hard to see the amount of progress being made which in turn makes it less fun to work on. Also the rows get really, really long! 

But I am so nearly there! 

I took it with me to the park yesterday so I could knit a row or two while I walked. This is much easier to do when the project is less bulky, like a sock or the beginnings of a shawl or sweater, but I can still make it work. There is something lovely about knitting while being surrounded  with the birds wheeling and calling everywhere, glorious green covering every available spot and masses of clover fields carpeting the ground. It is truly magical. 

I have two more rows of the last lace section to work, then the garter edging, and then it will be time to bind off and hope I have enough yarn to add some tassels. With the end in sight, I definitely want to knit on it every chance I get. Not that it hasn’t been a very enjoyable knit, it has. But those rows! And the lace sections, while easy as cake, requires enough concentration that it makes doing other stuff at the same time more difficult. The particular stitch used also throws off my knitting rhythm just enough to make it feel slightly clunky. 

In case you are curious, the pattern is Maycroft by Libby Jonson of Truly Myrtle and the yarn I’m using is some of my hand dyed yarn and a 85/15 superwash merino/NEP base. 


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