A Relaxing sunday with crocheting and turkey baking

Hello friend!

Since Micah and I are still trying to get over these persistent head colds, we decided to skip church this week. Nobody likes to sit still for 1.5 hours trying not to cough repeatedly or sniffle constantly! Instead we’ve stayed quietly at home doing random cozy things.

Micah played some video games while I watched and crocheted on my single crochet blanket. It’s slowly coming along! I’m so close to finishing it. I have two skeins of yarn left which means two more stripes. This blanket is already so warm and snuggly. It is going to be absolutely amazing when it is autumn/winter again. I can’t remember precisely when I started it, but it was sometime last summer. I really want to get it done before it has been a year in the making. This last week with feeling unwell I managed to crochet about a stripe and a half I think. I’ll keep you updated on how it goes.

these are older pictures from last fall, September sometime, and I was working away on it one morning before work
Aw, back when it only had 3 stripes. so tiny! I think I have 10ish now, so it is fairly enormous

I’m cooking my first turkey today! Due to my dad being in the army, my family moved last weekend. My mum didn’t want to deal with moving a bunch of stuff in their freezers and worrying about whether it was all melting the whole time. Such a hassle. Instead she gave it all to me and you should see the state of our freezer now! It is about as packed as it can be. I knew there would never be nearly enough room for a medium sized turkey so I decided to just cook the bird and get in some practice before Thanksgiving/Christmas rolls around again.

Now, I’ve certainly helped with cooking my fair share of turkeys over the years so I’m not completely clueless as to how the process is accomplished. But this is my first time doing it in my own home. And I brined it and everything. Thank goodness for mothers who happily text you their recipes and tell you how long things should brine or cook for!

I defrosted my turkey in the fridge for 5ish days I think. Next I brined him for two days using the Out of this World Turkey Brine from All Recipes which is the one my mum recommended. He is now happily cooking away in the oven at 350 degrees inside a cooking bag inside a turkey roaster that I was quite worried he wouldn’t even fit into. I shall let you know how long he takes to cook and how he tastes once he is done, which will be before I actually publish this post.

Other than that, I’ve done a little sewing and I’m working on updating a couple things on my website. I’m tweaking my “About me” page and I hope I can finally get that published here in the next couple of days. I’m also creating a new home page and am finding the process to be more enjoyable than I expected. I think that’s mostly because I’m not trying to rush it or give myself unrealistic deadlines.


Okay! The turkey turned out pretty darn good. It was a little saltier than I would have liked since I didn’t realize I needed to really rinse the turkey off after it brined. As in, soak it for 15 minutes in fresh water after taking it out of the brine. But it was still delicious! I’m almost excited to try this out again when the next opportunity for turkey cooking rolls around.

And now it’s time for me to head to bed. I might do a bit of reading but I’m also not feeling fantastic at the moment (cramps….) so I may just snuggle up in bed for a while, possibly watch some random cooking videos with Micah, and then go to sleep. It’s back to the office work life tomorrow!


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