Sick Days

The annual spring cold strikes again!

About once every year or so right as spring approaches and the weather is finally warming up I get a bad, bad head cold. Stuffy nose, achy all over, possible low fever, tired, sore scalp, the works! And whenever I get a head cold my already poor hearing worsens significantly. It’s an all around thoroughly unpleasant experience.

How glad I am to have a job where I can actually take a few sick days! When I was a barista I wasn’t able to take off without finding someone else to cover my shift which, when you feel like you’ve been run over by a truck, isn’t remotely ideal. Working in an office I was able to let my office manager know that I was unwell and wouldn’t be in for a few days and that was that.

this is a picture a took a couple weeks ago when I was at the park taking a walk. there were dandelions EVERYWHERE!

I’ve been doing lots of resting. (Something I’ve been needing mentally as well as physically.) Catching up on Youtube videos, crocheting on my blanket, watching movies, and trying to not feel guilty about taking care of myself by relaxing and just sitting down. I even pulled out my unopened box of gouache paint I purchased nearly 1.5 years ago and finally took the time to play around with it a bit. Still prefer watercolors I think, but it was unbelievably fun to actually try them out and see what they looked like.

I’m drinking copious amounts of tea to stay hydrated. (is it only me or do you find that plain water actually hearts your throat when you’re sick?) As married people do, I passed my germs onto Micah so he is working from home since he doesn’t feel super well either. So there is that. It’s nice being home with him despite our current circumstances.

I discovered Minnie Small on Youtube and have been watching a bunch of her videos. Her voice is absolutely gorgeous! I watched her whole Inktober 2017 playlist where she was drawing haunted houses. She did a voiceover for nearly all of them and it was like having a cozy wee chat with a dear friend.

The other main Youtuber I’ve been hanging out with this week is Cari of cari can read and cari cakes. I love both her channels. She is so fun to watch. Even though I’m not super into all sorts of Korean things like some of my siblings are, I still thoroughly enjoy watching Cari traipsing about the different cities and cafes either reading or just hanging out doing her thing.

And that’s about the sum total of everything I’ve done this week! I needed the break though. I’ve really pushed myself the past few weeks to be constantly coming up with new ideas for videos or blog posts. Granted 99% of everything never even showed up in my online space because it just didn’t seem right. Which would make me try to push myself even harder which resulted in more stuff that I didn’t want to post and so on and so forth.

So this week has been incredibly soothing and comforting. Mostly because I was sick enough that I couldn’t do much and didn’t want to even try to think about anything. Despite how unpleasant being sniffly and tired and achy is, I needed it. I needed to slow down.

Be back soon friends! I hope you’re all well and not struggling too much with seasonal allergies.


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