Having Discovered and Fallen in Love With Thrush Green by Miss Read

This is the third book in the series, the last my library has as a book. Sad day.

I’m reading the cutest, most wholesome series of books right now: the Thrush Green series by Miss Read. I randomly grabbed the first one from the library because I remembered reading somewhere that they were really good. They have not disappointed!

The only downside is my library only has the first three of the Thrush Green series as physical books. All the rest of this series as well as the entirety of Miss Read’s Fairacre series are ebooks…

Why??? Don’t do this to me!

In case you’re not aware of this aspect of my reading personality, I will only read ebooks or books online if I have absolutely no other possible or conceivable choice. I will always prefer to read physical books.

And I already looked into purchasing both series. They don’t come as sets, and each book was the entirely beyond reasonable price of $15-$20. Good grief.

Both these series are set in fictional British villages and are all to do about simple country life. Nothing incredibly exciting or shocking happens, at least in the two I’ve read so far, but, nonetheless, they are cozy and engaging and I am enjoying them immensely.

I’m planning to go to a used bookstore this weekend and I’ll be checking to see if I can find any of them there. Wish me luck! I’ll let you know what I find.


One thought on “Having Discovered and Fallen in Love With Thrush Green by Miss Read

  1. I absolutely love the Thrush Green series too. The kindle book prices are a bit crazy, but I’ve justified it to myself by telling myself that I’ll be rereading them for sure, so it’s worth it. I keep looking out for similar books with a warm, cosy, wholesome feel. Hope you’ve been able to get your hands on more of Thrush Green!

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