Spring Blossoms

I am a little over-eager for spring to arrive. I allowed the bright sunshine this morning to deceive me into wearing a cute, springy dress with no tights. I had a cardigan, but when the sun promptly disappeared behind some approaching clouds and a crisp, bitterly cold wind swept across the park, I soon found how woefully underdressed I was. No walk it is then!

Despite drastically fluctuating temperatures, spring is definitely on her way. Daffodils are popping up absolutely everywhere and these gorgeous white blossoming trees are all over the place. It seems like more appear each day.

yes, I know this one is completely blurry. But (this might sound rather silly…) I love how impish and innocent my facial expression is! I look so happy and “fairy-like” which is precisely how I want to be all the time. Full of whimsical cheer.

I snapped these few pictures to capture my silliness and also to at least have one photo with spring flowers. I don’t think I’ll realistically be able to make any sort of proper “spring blossom” photo shoot happen before it is too late. I’m okay with that though! I’m thoroughly enjoying looking out my car window during my commute or looking around on my (mostly) daily walk at the park.

Spring is such a marvelous season. Everything changes so quickly. One day all the trees are looking bare and grey, the next everything is covered in a sheen of green, red, white, or even the most stunning unbelievable pink. (I think said pink trees are cherry trees of some sort, but I’m not sure. There are only a small handful around here and I wish desperately that I could take some pictures of or with them!)

What is your favorite season? Are the sunshine, warmer weather and carpets of flowers sparking any sort of creative inspiration?


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