Ranking Jane Austen’s Novels

It snowed so. much. today! Well. It was hours of sleet first, and then it finally started to snow just before dark. Thankfully, Micah and I were able to work from home and stay cozy and safe. Then around noon, the computer system for my work completely crashed company-wide. Which meant I ended up having half a day off work that I didn’t expect! It is supposed to stay frigidly cold tomorrow with a second snow storm expected Monday. So this is definitely more of a cozy sort of week!

And what is more cozy than books?? I’ve been wanting to write this post for ages because I do think I have a fairly different favoritism order for Jane Austen novels than many people I’ve seen. And in case you’re curious, these are the Wordsworth Collector’s Editions and I purchased them all off of Amazon.

6. Northanger Abbey

Of all Jane Austen’s novels, this one is the one I have read the least. I think I’ve actually only read it once. It isn’t my favorite of her stories because Catherine is rather melodramatic and immature and I couldn’t relate to her very well. I know it is supposed to be poking fun at novels and is intentionally written in a more “gothic” style. I will read it again, but it wouldn’t be my first pick. I also didn’t like Henry Tilney very much…

5. Emma

You would think I’d like this book more since this is sort of my namesake book! (My nickname has been Emma for pretty much my entire life.) Hmm. What to say about this book? It’s an amusing story and I do really enjoy reading it. But it doesn’t make it higher on the list purely because I like the others better. Emma is smart and witty and her friendship with Mr. Knightley is so cute. I love how they have this bantering conversation, but they aren’t afraid to hand out negative criticisms when necessary which is an incredibly important trait in any relationship.

4. Mansfield Park

I do like Fanny and the overall story of Mansfield Park quite a bit. I sympathize with Fanny so very much. She is sort of tossed into the middle of everything and has to learn how to function in a completely different world than she was expecting to experience. Everyone is rude and condescending to her and they never let her actual character, personality, and preferences be realized. Now that I’m writing about it I really want to read it again.

3. Pride and Prejudice

Ah yes, the stereotypical Austen novel. Even though this isn’t my tippy toppest favorite, the story is still so good. There is a reason it is so incredibly popular. Elizabeth and Jane’s relationship is so sweet and wholesome to watch develop throughout the book. The characters are incredibly well written. I can see them so clearly playing out their roles in my head as I read. Mrs. Bennett is utterly ridiculous and drives me insane. Mr. Bennett’s dry humor is brilliant.

2. Sense and Sensibility

This story! Goodness. The sister relationship is gorgeous. Elinor is one of my all time favorite Austen heroines. Marianne is rather frustrating and over the top at the beginning, but her character development throughout the book is beautiful. Plus the love stories are gorgeous. I love Colonel Brandon and Edward Ferrars!

1. Persuasion

Oh. How do I express my appreciation for this book? One of the shortest novels in this collection, but such a perfectly brilliant story! Anne is my favorite heroine even though Elinor is a close second. I relate to Anne so SO much! She is so elegant and gentle. She takes care of everyone around her and her biggest fault is not standing up for herself quite enough. And then the end when her dearest hope and dream is realized is such a heartwarming, perfect moment.

And that’s a wrap! Which is your favorite Jane Austen novel? Let me know in the comments! Maybe I’ll do a post ranking my favorite Austen heroines and gentlemen. That sounds like a fun idea!


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