A Happy Valentine’s Day to You, My Dear Friends

Today, to commemorate Valentine’s Day, I curled my hair and put on a pretty red dress. Then, feeling inspired and encouraged by Kutovakika, I stopped and took a couple of pictures to document a moment when I felt pretty and the, hopefully, brand new beginning of Woldenburn and all the cozy, simple, magical things I hope to do with it.

If you couldn’t tell from my previous post, I’ve been struggling with this whole creative branding thing for weeks now. But I think I’ve come to an understanding. I am going to try to slow myself down, not try to do everything at once, and learn to enjoy the process more by not giving myself ridiculous personal deadlines.

I’m also going to try to write more about all the things I’m passionate about: books, drinking tea, Redwall, favorite mugs or teacups, self improvement, slow, wholesome living, and generally homey sorts of things. I even want to write a few posts about my dream cottage that I hope Micah and I can live in some day! That’s gonna be a fun one.

This photoshoot is also special in that I tried something new. I tried different poses and different camera angles. Can you believe it? These are probably some of my top favorite portraits I’ve ever taken! If you are at all interested in photography, please go check out Kika’s Youtube channel, Instagram, and photography course. She has been such an inspiration to me recently.

I hope you all had a lovely Valentine’s day full of cozy moments and lovely memories. Thank you for being a part of this journey so far! I’m truly excited for what is to come.


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