Why is Developing a Creative Brand Just so Darn Difficult?!

It’s been a challenging week. Nothing at work or home has been particularly difficult, thank goodness for that! It’s this whole creative branding thing! My poor brain has been pummeled and cudgeled and wracked. So many questions bouncing around it there.

What is my purpose as a creative lifestyle blogger/vlogger?

Who exactly is my ideal reader?

Why to I want to write posts or make videos?

What am I giving my readers? Inspiration? Encouragement? Teaching?

Ugh. Round and round and round it all goes. I make on discovery, feel invigorated and ready to go, and then another questions pops up and my mind goes “Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!! We haven’t panicked about this yet!” Goodness. You’d think it wouldn’t be so complicated. For some reason I have the brilliant capability of making everything 10x more difficult with truly astounding amounts of overthinking.

And that’s why it’s been silent on the blog/Youtube this week. I’ve been reading and researching and learning as much as I can so someday I can reach “best creative brand person ever!” 🙄 Such is the inner brain workings of a wanna-be perfectionist… Also working on not trying to be perfect and be okay with making mistakes or needing to adjust things.

However, I have learned some pretty cool things this week. I read “Born to Blog” by Mark W. Schaefer and Stanford A. Smith in one day. That book is genuinely one of the most helpful compilations of information that I have ever read. It is mostly aimed at blogging as a business, but the sheer volume of basic blogging tips and skills explained was incredibly helpful as well. I made some progress in answering some of the questions above, but I still feel so far away from where I want to be.

I’m trying to remind myself to be patient. To take it one day at a time and celebrate each small victory. It’s so difficult though! I am my own worst critic and inclined to, as mentioned above, be much too much of a perfectionist.

I also read Rebecca’s newsletter today which was hilariously applicable to this whole thing I’m trying to sort through. Basically, she wrote about how we don’t have to feel like the content we produce is meant to convince people to like/read/watch whatever it is we’ve uploaded. There are people out there that like the exact same things I like, and those are the people I’m writing for. I don’t have to convince anybody of anything. I just need to write away and people will come. It was like a breath of fresh air reading that! So I’m going to work on getting that frame of mind into my head.

If you read all the way through this post, thank you! If you have any tips, I’d love to hear them. I am coming up with a few different posts I’d like to write over the next few weeks with topics involving tea, crafting, books, slow living and wholesome lifestyle, and self-improvement. If any of that interests you, I hope you’ll stick around!


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