Week 4 Tasks + Week 3 Wrap-up

Week 4 To-do List:

  1. upload book haul vlog
  2. finish hat test knit
  3. publish The Snow Child book review post
  4. take pictures of my knitting WIPs so I can post about them on the blog
  5. film January favorites vlog
  6. plan videos and blog posts for February
  7. finish shirtdress
  8. write at least one creative project post
  9. paint my nails

Week 3 Wrap-up:

  1. finish my pair of short socks
    • Yes! I have another pair of socks done! Now to finish up a couple other projects I have on my needles so I can cast on one of the many gorgeous sock knitting patterns I’ve purchased recently.
  2. edit creative projects vlog
    • Yup, got this one done.
  3. upload creative projects vlog
    • Also yes. You can check out the vlog here. I’m hoping to film a new podcast episode every couple of weeks or at least once a month if I haven’t been up to as much creative making as normal.
  4. film book haul vlog
    • It’s all filmed and I’ve started a bit of editing on it. I’m hoping to have it done this week
  5. publish The Snow Child book review on blog
    • no, it’s all written up, I just haven’t sat down and finalized it.
  6. write WIP blog post on dress for Minerva
  7. write sweater post for Woldenburn
    • I started this one! I need to take a couple of pictures and then I can get it uploaded.
  8. take 5-10 blog photos
    • Sort of. I played around with my camera over the weekend and tried to take some creative style portraits. Still working out my photography style.
  9. work on sweater sleeve
    • I got so much done on this one! I’ve pretty much finished one sleeve and started the next. With any luck (and no more distractions…) I’ll have a finished sweater to show off very soon here.
  10. work on aqua stripe on crochet blanket
    • Actually, I finished this stripe! I’m am working on the next color. If I can get one stripe done per month, I’ll have this blanket done by June.

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