Week 2 Wrap up

Whew! I survived my first week back at in the office after working from home for 2 weeks. It was just about normal. I managed to get quite a bit of reading done, which was brilliant.

Micah and I also went on our first “excursion” in absolutely ages over the weekend. We took two boxes of books to sell at a used book store and came back with a bundle of cookbooks and a variety of other new books, Book haul vlog coming soon!

Other than that? A chill and uneventful week. Work was slow, hence the reading, and I did end up feeling slightly unwell a couple days this week. (not the virus. just cramps.) So I didn’t do as much as excessively over-ambitious Emily would like, but practical-realistic Emily is thoroughly pleased. Lets take a look at what I accomplished on my list.

  1. repair my coat pocket
    1. I started my week off with a bang by doing this first thing Monday morning. 😱 I have been wanting to repair two holes in one of my coat pockets for probably… years now. It took me forever because I’d think about it but never take the time to bring my coat to the sewing machine for the 5-10 minute repair. For shame. But it is fixed now and I couldn’t be happier. I can put things in BOTH my coat pockets now!!
  2. activate my new debit card
    1. I did this on Monday as well. My previous card was about to expire and my bank had been sending me reminders for weeks to activate the new one. Even though I hadn’t received it yet due to the MASSIVE delays that have been happening with the mail system. If you are a postal worker, I applaud you and appreciate you so much! For your sake, I am glad the Christmas rush is over for another year.
  3. film a creative projects vlog
    1. Yup! I filmed this on Friday and uploaded it to my computer a couple minutes ago. Time for some editing!
  4. finish first sleeve on sweater
    1. I didn’t even pick up my sweater this week. Oops. I was distracted by reading and the following task.
  5. finish Micah’s and my short socks
    1. Yes and no. I finished Micah’s sock earlier this evening! Quite happily so because he’d been wearing the first one I completed last week on one foot and his regular store-bought sock on the other foot. Such a goose. But I did get his socks done and I am thrilled about it. Just need to finish my pair now.
  6. plan my 2021 TBR list
    1. I’ve been working on this one. I think I need another week on it. I’ve thought of a few books I want to read this year, but my list isn’t complete enough to film my 2021 TBR vlog.
  7. finish teal/aqua stripe on crochet blanket
    1. Unfortunately, no. But I worked on it! So I’m satisfied with that. Maybe
      I can get it done this week instead.
  8. start sewing on shirtdress
    1. Finally, yes! I’ve had this cut out for a couple weeks and I started it tonight. I completed the darts on the front and back and prepped the skirt. I sewed the in-seam pockets into the skirt seams and sewed the skirt side seams together. These are probably my least favorite parts of the sewing process for some reason. They don’t take very long and they aren’t particularly fiddly, but for some reason I almost dread these two. But since they are now out of the way, I have high hopes of making significantly more progress in the next few days.
  9. tidy studio/office area
    1. Yes! Probably the reason I managed to start my dress actually. Working in a haphazard, sloppy workspace is incredibly unpleasant. So I tidied, threw out trash, completed a couple of small tasks and organized a few things. Now it looks much better and I can enjoy being in my space more.

Thank you for reading dear friends! I’ll be back tomorrow with my weekly tasks post and I am going to try to have a second post sometime later this week on a fun, creative or cozy topic.


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