Week 2 Tasks

I’m back to working in the office this week which will enable me to read more, but it also means I might not be able to do as much creative making. Maybe I’ll surprise myself. Do you ever find that you want to do so many things that there just aren’t enough hours in the day to complete them all? I struggle with this constantly! I have a myriad of things I like doing and dozens of others that I want to try. It’s enough to make a lady go insane!

I decided to delete Instagram off of my phone and take a break from it for a while. Then I shall be able to focus all my attention and creative energy on this blog and Youtube. I enjoy making videos immensely! (Except for the editing part… But I’m not sure anyone properly relishes that task.) I’ve found Instagram, while inspiring and fun to scroll through, incredibly distracting and makes me feel pressured to do more and more and more. Which feelings then makes me annoyed with the whole thing and I don’t post anything for ages all the while having that pressure over my head that I ought to have come up with some picture to post.

It’s a weird cycle adding more stress and anxiousness to my mental load. And we most certainly do not want that! All of which is to say that I am going to be focusing my attentions more and I’m incredibly excited about the decision.

It snowed yesterday! And it actually stuck to the ground. It was magical to watch the snowflakes come tumbling down, one right after the other, out of my office window. I sat, drank a cup of tea, read my book, and every now and again I would look out at the beautiful sight. This morning, the housetops and grounds are covered a thin white coating. It didn’t snow nearly enough to cover the grass, but that extra bit of white is still quite cheerful to behold.

This week I am going to really try to be more practical about what I’ll be able to accomplish. As I’ve mentioned, being back in the office means I am away from home most of the day. But as long as I don’t get too distracted playing Stardew Valley with Micah, I should still have some time in the evenings to work on a few projects.

  1. repair my coat pocket
  2. activate my new debit card
  3. film a creative projects vlog
  4. finish first sleeve on sweater
  5. finish Micah’s and my short socks
  6. plan my 2021 TBR list
  7. finish teal/aqua stripe on crochet blanket
  8. start sewing on shirtdress
  9. tidy studio/office area

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