Week 1 Tasks: Wrap up

Well friends, I certainly overestimated what I would get done last week. Not only did I assign myself too many tasks, but I also had a stressful work week which meant I didn’t manage much relaxing, restful sleep. And I don’t cope very well on low sleep. Even if I didn’t complete all the things on my goals list, I did finally take the time to do a bit of watercolor painting. I also made banana muffins this week as well as attempted some chocolate covered pretzels which were pretty good right away but turned soggy by the next day.

Even more importantly, I started playing Stardew Valley with Micah which has been such fun! We’re building our virtual farm together and we already have the cutest chickens, ducks, rabbits and we just purchased a couple of cows. I accidentally planted the most massive of gardens and spent way too much time having to water all the plants. But it has been precisely the stress-reliever that I needed this week and I am enjoying every minute of it.

And now, on to the weekly wrap-up: 6/12

  1. Edit and upload my library haul vlog
    • Hmmm. Mostly forgot about this one. But I’m going to try to roll it over into this week and have it scheduled and set by Wednesday.
  2. Film, edit, and schedule my “2021 goals + habits vlog” to go live on Friday.
    1. I did accomplish this one! Probably why I didn’t finish my other one. It didn’t go live until Saturday afternoon, but it did get done which is what really matters. If you’re interested you can watch it here.
  3. Spend 30 minutes each day working on editing photos for my photo album. ☑️
    • I kept up with this fairly well the first half of the week. I uploaded all of the pictures from my phone to Lightroom which is the first big step! But I didn’t do much else the rest of the week. But I’m going to keep plugging away at it!
  4. Start sewing new shirtdress
    • I didn’t do any sewing this week. When I am stressed, sewing is one of the first things to be pushed off the to-do plate. Hopefully this week!
  5. Make another felt animal
    • Also didn’t happen.
  6. Get all photos I want from my phone uploaded to Lightroom
    • I did do this one! As mentioned above.
  7. Finish 1 sleeve of sweater knitting project
    • Now, while I didn’t finish the sleeve, I did make a decent amount of progress on it, so I am counting this one as a success. If I can finish up the second half of the first sleeve this week and finish the second sleeve done in the next week and a half or so, I might even finish this sweater before February!
  8. Write WIP post on above sweater
    • Nope. Didn’t do this one either. Still something I want to get done though.
  9. Fix brother’s sweater
    • I fixed it and gave it back to him. This one is done and done!
  10. Film “favorite books of 2020” vlog
    • I’m undecided on this one now. I think I’d have more fun filming a “2021 TBR” vlog, or something similar. I haven’t completely decided yet. It didn’t get filmed last week, but that’s not to say it won’t ever be filmed.
  11. Make at least 3 instagram posts
    • Absolutely not. Instagram posts are another thing that is quick to go when I’m not at 100%. And I’m okay with that.
  12. Comment on at least 3 instagram posts ☑️
    • I think I commented on one, and I’m pretty sure I commented on a patreon post. Which is good enough to count this one complete. I’m working on building the habit of interacting more with other people in the online creative community and I am content with slowly developing  that interaction muscle.

I’ll be back in a bit with this week’s goals post. You get two posts in one day because I was much to busy relaxing yesterday and Saturday to get this one written.


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