Farewell 2020; Welcome 2021!

Farewell 2020. You’ve been an odd, bizarre and yet, a strangely lovely year. Some days were incredibly difficult. Others were beyond magical.

You tucked my engagement and wedding days in amongst these strange months. I have a companion now. My soul’s home. My other self. My darling love. We’re making a cozy home together and it is wonderful.

You’ve seen me grow, set boundaries, develop dreams and goals for upcoming years. I’ve sewn, knit, painted, walked, cried, laughed a lot, and learned so, so much.

Farewell friend. Thank you for what you gave. I’m sorry it wasn’t a pleasanter journey for you!
May 2021 be filled with cozy, crackling fires, snuggly rainy days, and bright sunny ones too. 

May you read lots of wonderful books and drink delicious teas. May you work hard and achieve those goals and dreams.

May there be long walks, fresh air and immense amounts of laughter. I can’t wait to see what we get up to in this brand new year!

Happy New Year, my dear friends!!


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