September Reads 2020

I’ve filmed a youtube vlog about the books I read in September, but I didn’t have time to go into detail on all of them. Therefore, I wanted to write an accompanying post to add little blurbs of thoughts on the ones I missed. I almost added all of this to the youtube description box, but it was too crowded and this works better.

*This indicates re-reads.

Emma (manga series) – Kaori Mori: I gushed enough about this in my vlog. It’s GORGEOUS! Please go read it. 9/10

Daughter of the Forest – Juliet Marillier: I didn’t realize until yesterday, that this is classified as an adult’s book, not YA like I originally was thinking. Which makes sense. It’s a hard book at times, but perfectly splendid. I can’t recommend it enough. 9/10

*A Study in Scarlet – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (the podcast I mentioned can be found here.) 8/10

*Howl’s Moving Castle – Diana Wynne Jones: This book is quite different from the film, but every bit as good. It gives more background on most of the characters, and the writing style is phenomenal! 7/10

The Bear and the Nightingale – Katherine Arden: Do you like stories about brownies (the fairy kind. not the delicious chocolatey variation. though those or amazing too!) sprites, fairies, magic, and cold wintery days? Then you should probably read this book! It is so well written, the characters are lovely, and the ending was brilliantly fitting. 7/10

Sorcery of Thorns – Margaret Rogerson: A gorgeous book about books. I loved how she personified some books and made them basically living creatures. The love story wasn’t that well developed and some parts of it felt forced. 6/10

An Enchantment of Ravens – Margaret Rogerson: Read like a first story. It was rushed and didn’t develop characters as well as I’d have liked. but it was a fast, fun read and I did enjoy it. 4/10

Uprooted – Naomi Novik: There were definitely some odd sections to this story that didn’t really fit or were confusing. The ending was flat and I thought there could have been more development of certain parts and less emphasis on others. However, I still really liked it! The story setting was beautiful. There was a strong love of nature throughout. And it has me scheming stories of my own! 6/10

Wildwood Dancing – Juliet Marillier: *sigh* Such a good story. If you like The Twelve Dancing Princesses and The Princess and the Frog fairytales, you will most likely appreciate this one. 8/10

*A Court of Mist and Fury – Sarah J. Maas: My favorite book in the series. I don’t like the third one, the tone changes and it gets way darker which isn’t my thing. This one develops characters even better than the first one. 6/10

The 5 Love Languages – Gary Chapman: HIGHLY practical book on improving your relationship with your significant other. I’m getting married next month and this was so helpful in solidifying several things I want to work on improving in my relationship. 7/10

The Pushcart War – Jean Merrill: Interesting story set in New York when trucks and shipping was just becoming a thing. My fiance’s younger brother recommended it to me as a book he really enjoys. It was fun! And I learned several things about New York. It’s also a very quick read. 4/10


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