Hello December!

December is one of my favorite months. Not only does it contain Christmas, but there are also four birthdays to celebrate, including my own! Yup, I’m almost 25 and I’m so excited about it! Have I mentioned that 5 is my favorite number? 

I don’t have too many plans for this month. Micah and I have already done pretty much all of our Christmas shopping so that won’t be lingering over our heads and turning this festive season into a stress bomb. Now that our wedding is over, we’re really enjoying getting settled and sorting out our new routine. I for one am loving married life! 

I am determined to make time for pumpkin pie and pumpkin bread baking this month! They are some of my top favorite foods and I’ve just been too all over the place to make them yet this year. But it will happen this month! 

I definitely want to read more books. I was doing really well for a couple of months. Then wedding stress and attention overload kicked in and I was ready to crawl under a rock and hide. But with all of that out of the way, I’m dying to dig into a couple more books before the end of the year. 

And sewing. Guys! I cannot wait to do all of the sewing! There are so many dresses just begging to be made. I have such plans. Maybe I’ll do a stash sewing plans post. 

Vlogmas is happening! Super stoked about that. I almost forgot it was a thing until Emma of Wooly Mammoth Fibers mentioned it and I realized, “Hey! I want to do that this year!” So come hang out with me each day. 

There will absolutely be knitting. I’ve a couple of presents I want to make, simple things like hats or mittens. And I have so many sweaters I want to make! I half wish I could knit faster so I could make them all. That’s another post I want to do. Top five sweaters I am dying to make. Watch this space! 

Other than that, lots of tea drinking, snuggling with Micah, watching David Attenborough documentaries and the first few season of the British Baking Show, (Seriously!!! Mel and Sue were the best!! And Mary Berry is just superior to everyone else.) hanging out with my sister and the rest of my family, making Christmas decorations, baking, listening to Christmas music, watching other crafty podcast and vlogmas vlogs, and basically creating a cozy, hygge filled month to end 2020 with. 

What do you want to do this month? 


2 thoughts on “Hello December!

  1. Hi Emily,

    I followed your previous blog and podcast. So happy to see you again. Congratulations on your marriage! May the Lord bless you and your husband! : )


    P.S. I have some of your yarn that I won in a contest. I knitted socks for my husband and myself. We still enjoy wearing the socks knit from your yarn. The colors are so beautiful!


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