A dash of fall

*I haven’t been yearning for fall this year. I’ve been so busy with work, hobbies, and my family these past few months that I’ve hardly thought about it. but just because I’m an unobservant goose doesn’t mean Mother Nature has slowed down a wit. The other day, to my surprise, I noticed there were a couple of trees already beginning to change colors. then, as if my eyes had been suddenly awoken, I realized that there are rather a large number of deliciously crunchy leaves littering the ground at the park where I take my daily walk. I’ve seen a gaggle of geese honky and calling as they flew high overhead. we spotted a group of turkeys on the way to church.

And then today, that distinctive whiff of autumn chill is perpetually on the breeze. It doesn’t help that we just discovered the most amazingly delicious cinnamon black tea from Harney and Sons. from the first sip I couldn’t help but imagine chunky oversized cable sweaters and cool crisp mornings reading a good book and watching the fog roll in amongst the treetops. never fear. Autumn is most definitely on her way. slowly, gently. I don’t mind. I fully intend to enjoy these last few weeks of sweltering sunny days with bugs humming and buzzing. birds calling. and the warm summer rains trickling, tumbling, pelting.


*I forgot that I hadn’t actually posted this in August when I wrote it. Sightly overdue now that autumn is well and truly here. But I liked what I wrote so I’m publishing it anyway.

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