The Red Keep – Allen French Book Review

You’ll never guess the next book I’ve got to share with you. Yup! It’s another Allen French book. Can’t get enough of them and when my boyfriend’s family has several I can’t help but read them all in quick succession.
The Red Keep tells the story of Conan, a young squire working towards being a knight. The books starts us off with Conan and Sir Roger, the baron he is serving his squirehood with, going to vist Lord ??? The neighboring baron. As they top a hill, they see the castle being raided by the villainous Sauvery brothers Odo and Ademay, barons of a distant castle in search of richer lands to control.
The arrival of Sir Roger and his men soon route these barons and their henchmen. In searching the castle, Conan find the poor Lord ???? and his family. He rescues the young Lady Anne who is the only one of her family left alive. Sir Roger kindly agrees to take care of her until she is of age.
A few years pass and Conan and Anne have grown up. The evil deeds of the Sauvers have spread further and further. They even kill Conan’s father and two of his brothers. Conan sets out for home to help his family. On the way he makes a detour to Velany in the company of two masons who were doing work for Sir Roger. There he learns of the plot to steal Lady Anne’s fife and in turn makes a plot of his own to defend Anne’s rights and honor.
There is a battle and single combat to the death. Siege and secret passageways. A rousing adventure and good winning over evil. Basically the best sort of story!
I might have to take a break from Allen French books since I don’t know that I can get my hands on any more at the moment. But I’m going to do some looking and see what other books he’s written and if they’re available online or at my local library.

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