The Lost Baron – Allen French Book Review

I’ve just finished reading The Lost Baron by Allen French. His writing is incredibly inspiring! I can’t believe how much I liked this book. It’s a simple plot with intrigue, mystery, villainy as well as friendship, hints of romance, with lots of courage and plenty of fortitude.
Lord Eric is quite happy living in his castle with his wife, the Lady Florence, his young daughter, Rosamond, and his good friend Sir Basil. He invites the son of a nearby knight to come and serve him at his castle. Martin is only too glad to come and get a glimpse of the wider life in the world outside his parent’s house. But his delight is short lived. After Martin has only been at the castle for one day, Lord Eric disappears!!
 There isn’t a sign of him to be found anywhere. After a month, he is declared dead. And Lord Basil, who is distantly related, buys the fiefdom from King John. Martin returns home to his father to await the return of Lord Eric.
Years pass and nothing is heard. Martin grows stronger and wiser and learns much about being a man from helping his father. Then, one day, after Martin saves Lord Basil’s life, he is invited back to the castle to live and work there. Naturally he accepts and the game is on!
It is such a good story! I gobbled it up, much like I did my last Allen French book. They are so easy to read, but absolutely amazing. Yes, it’s a simplistic plot that is seen time and again throughout not just storybooks, but history itself.
And Allen French loved history. It wasn’t something to be yawned at. It was alive and exciting to him. He couldn’t help but write stories about the things he was studying. An excitement which is quite visible throughout his writing. It makes me want to pick up one of his nonfiction books and see how they read.
Don’t worry. This won’t be my last Allen French book. I’ve still got The Red Keep to read next!

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