Organizing the Yarn Stash

I’ve significantly downsized my yarn stash over the past few months. I’ve gotten rid of much of it so now I only have one large tub full of it. I’ll be moving in July and I want to take a little stuff with me as possible. Which means either using or getting rid of even more stuff.

I had yet another sort through of my stash the other day. I decided to separate my yarn into different categories: sweaters, shawls, and socks. That way when I want to start a new project I pick which type I should like to make, and then I’ve a narrower selection to choose from.

I get fairly stressed out or overwhelmed if I have too many choices. Decisions are hard enough for me to make. A myriad of options makes it even worse.

Then I tied the yarn for bigger projects (sweaters/shawls) together with bits of scrap yarn. Now I have little bundles to pull out whenever I’m ready.

And there are now a few skeins of designated sock yarn. I finished my most recent pair of short socks and have been wanting to cast on another. But I didn’t know which skeins I wanted to pair together with others for bigger projects and which were lonely single skeins perfect for socks.


I can’t tell you how much better I feel now. Instead of feeling overwhelmed and confused, I’ve a fairly good idea of the next few garments I want to make. Which I shall be sure to write a post about sometime this week.

I’m knitting away trying to finish all of my super long term languishing projects and I’ve been doing very well! I currently only have two knitting projects on the needles. Both sweaters, but one has been dallying about for probably close to 2 years now which is just ridiculous. The other is a scrappy sweater which I am currently at a standstill on until I can generate a few more scraps.


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