Mouse’s Sketchbook 1 – A bird and a duck

As I mentioned yesterday, I haven’t a desk. Despite that inconvenience, I am striving to paint or sketch a little bit of something every day. Then when I have a dedicated art space I’ll already have that daily habit.

I’m planning to write more on the subject in a later post, but I am currently working towards upping my skills enough to write and illustrate children’s books. Which means absolutely loads of practice.

I put in an order for a few art supplies last week. Some better brushes. Masking fluid, which I am incredibly excited to experiment with! More watercolor paper. Colored pencils.

The basic tools I need to do art well without being terribly excessive about it. Another post I must write: my thoughts on becoming a minimalist crafter.

And some gouache. Finally!

I’ve been using ordinary watercolors for years now but I’ve been longing to try out gouache. From what I have read, it is a more opaque watercolor. The happy medium between watercolor and acrylics. I can’t wait to try it.


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