Rainy Afternoons

It’s a rather rainy, overcast sort of day. I’ve been flopped on my floor for the last little bit doing some sketching. I’m trying to sort out my brand logo. I’ve got a very specific idea in my head, now I’ve the hard task of getting it out into a physical form.

I haven’t any desk at the moment. My boyfriend is going to build me one over the next couple of weeks but it hasn’t happened quite yet. So the floor it is.

I feel slightly off today. Not sure why. I think I’ll blame the weather. And the long section in my insurance licensing studies. I worked away at it for much of the day. Still not technically finished, but I’ve decided to call it quits for now. I’ll finish it up tomorrow. I’ve several other tasks I want to get done today.

Cut out a couple of tote bags.
Paint something.
Plan out an art supplies box sketch so my brother can make it for me.
Sort through my fabric stash and make some plans.
Prep a blog post on my ideal “minimalist creative” that I am working towards.


Loads of things to work on. And my brothers are coming over to visit this evening. They should be here soon.


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