Blogger Woes


It was supposed to just be a quick blog post.

That’s all.

Instead it meant a two hour, panic inducing delve into the dark hole of trying to find that “perfect” blog template. The one that would give me precisely the look I wanted. Nothing complicated. Simplistic and minimal in style.

  • Centered header.
  • Right sidebar
  • Post thumbnails of a reasonable size
Not too much to ask, right???

Apparently such a thing doesn’t exist. Not on blogspot where I want to be. I don’t want to deal with the craziness of wordpress. Or pay for squarespace just yet. 
I suppose I might have to learn some coding. Are there any good tutorials on that for blogspot? I’m pretty sure most people consider blogpost to be fairly archaic… Which perfectly suits my old-fashioned style but does make it rather complicated to get precisely the look I want.
Double, triple *sigh*.

I’m going to find a snack. And work on something pleasant for a bit.
My boyfriend is coming over this evening and I’d really rather not be insanely stressed out and overwhelmed when he gets here. I’ll be able to write something lovely and cheery tomorrow. After a good night’s sleep. And when I can tackle this problem more logically.

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