Take a Moment for a Cup of Tea

Hello my dear friends. How have you been? The world has gone a bit crazy, hasn’t it? I hope you are well. I hope your loved ones are safe. I hope you are still finding a bit of peace and laughter.

I’m still working so things feel mostly normal. Except for the lack of people. It is the strangest thing to see the empty parking lot and drastically fewer customers.

I’m normally quite the homebody which means my day to day schedule really hasn’t changed. Knitting. Reading. Drinking tea. Hanging out with my sister. Seeing my boyfriend.

I’ve been wanting to write some posts on a sweater I’m knitting, books I’ve been enjoying, food I’ve been baking. But I thought it was worth pausing to say I see the strain. I see the stress. I’m sorry everything is insane. We can get through this.

I know how easily anxiety and panic can strike. Be gentle with yourself. Don’t try to do too much. Breathe. Love your friends and family as much as you can. Find a couple of memes to laugh at. Dance unashamedly to your favorite songs. Eat some chocolate. Maybe go take a slow walk at the park. Feel the fresh air, hear the birds singing, and remember that spring is on her way. You’ve got this.


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