It’s a Yellow Rain Boots sort of day…

Fuzzy, freshly washed hair.
Cute handmade dress.
Favorite blue coat.
Yellow rain boots.
Bag full of knitting, books and art supplies.

Ready for an adventure!

Actually, just going to see my mum and dad and the rest of my siblings still living at home. But that was enough of an adventure for today. I only worked a single 4-hour shift today so I had lots of time to work on other stuff afterwards.

I did my yoga, showered and got all freshened up. Worked on a new dress I’m making which is going to be lovely. Researched swim suits for an upcoming vacation weekend. And cast on a new sweater! Seriously so excited about it. It’s the Thun sweater by Emily of The Blue Mouse. I’ve been wanting to start it for ages and finally made time for it today. I am terribly indecisive and tend to procrastinate for much too long. But once I get the project cast onto my needles…everything just flies along.

Tomorrow I intend to write a better post. A “Proper” one. With a few more pictures and maybe an actual topic rather than the “this is what I did today” sort that I’ve been writing recently. Not that I mind those. I’ve been enjoying the casualness of them. The simplicity. It is refreshing. But I am feeling the need for something a bit meatier.

It all depends on how much time I have after work and before bible study. I have to pop by the store on my way home to get more flour so I can make some more bread. Maybe work will be slow enough that I can draft a post in my notebook. Keep your fingers crossed for me!


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