Handknit Dota Socks Pt. 1

I have a finished sock!

I’ve been knitting away these past couple of weeks on a basic pair of black socks for my lovely boyfriend. Actually, they won’t be all that simple once they’re completely and entirely finished. He likes a few video games and one of his favorites is Dota 2. And when I told him I would very much like to make him a pair of socks he requested black ones with the red Dota logo on the side. 
Originally I attempted to use colorwork but it was a complete flop. I was having to cut the red yarn after each row and I accidentally started working the chart upside down! I forgot that since I am making cuff-down socks, I needed to work the chart from the top down rather than vice versa.
I frogged back until right before I started adding in the red. My plan now is to completely knit the socks and then double stitch the Dota logo on each one. I’ve never done double stitching before. I am excited to try my hand at it. I rather love that this simple project is introducing me to a new skill. 
I finished the first sock today and I’ve just cast on the second one. I’m hoping to get that one done in the next week. It’s funny how finishing the first one and it being a perfect fit makes me want to push through and get the second one done as quickly as possible.
And in case you’re curious,  I am using Patons Kroy sock yarn. This is my first time using this yarn and I have to say… I love it!! It is absolutely amazing. It’s soft and squishy with a nice “round” feeling. It is just lovely and the finished sock is incredible. I have been dreaming about finishing these socks, popping back to Joann and grabbing some of the grey yarn and making myself a pair. They are warm and cozy and precisely the type of socks I want for myself.

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