Sourdough Adventures

If my computer wasn’t such an old fuddy dud, I definitely would have had this post up and written before midnight. 

I made some more sourdough bread today! And my starter looked and smelled amazing so I have high hopes for the finished loaves. They’re in the oven at the moment. You won’t get to see how they turn out today. Convenient for me since it means that I will now have the necessary fodder for another blog post. How long do you think I can drag this sourdough thing out? 15 posts too many?
Look at that bubbly goodness!!
I made my starter from scratch. I started around January 12 or something like that. A dear friend of mine asked if I could look into it as a birthday present for her. I had hoped to present her with a freshly baked, airy loaf of delicious goodness. But, alas, the cold weather combined with my desire to keep the electric bill at a minimum means it took a bit longer than I anticipated to get the starter up and going. 
Plus I’ve had to figure everything out pretty much on my own. I learned how to make regular yeast bread when I was 9 and I’ve been making it ever since. This is the first time I’ve even considered sourdough as an option. And I am so glad she asked me!
It has been challenging. Most of the time I’ve felt totally lost. Granted, I probably could have done a few more google searches and gotten a few more of my questions answered, but I didn’t. I’ve rather stumbled through and I think I’m actually getting somewhere at last.
I chanced my first attempt at sourdough earlier this week and it was…okay. Actually, the bread tasted amazing! But the loaf had a dense crumb. Not doughy or anything like that. But not light and airy like sourdough is supposed to be. It was good, but not quite right.
They’re so beautiful.
So I tried again. I fed my starter about 160g each of flour and water last night and let it bubble and rise until I got off work at 1:30 this afternoon. Then I used this Rustic Sourdough recipe which was different from the last one I tried. I used just 1 tsp of yeast. I’m fairly certain my starter is strong and healthy enough to do without but considering this is only my second attempt I wanted to help it along slightly until my confidence is a wee bit higher.
Then it sat and sat and sat. I don’t think I kneaded it quite enough the first time so I did end up punching it down a second time, kneading it a bit more and letting it sit for about 4-5 hours. The loaves were all puffed up and gorgeous looking when I got home. I’ve popped them in the oven (as I mentioned above) and I am dying to see how they turn out.

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