In Hope of Endless Opportunities

I had a bit of a disappointment today.

I wasn’t chosen for a job I interviewed for yesterday. Someone else was a better fit. I don’t feel inadequate. I know I could have done the job and done it well. I’m not angry at not being chosen. Just disappointed.
My current job has its bright spots. But the stress and physical/mental toll is getting to be too much. Of course I can handle it and shall continue to do so until something comes along that will be a good replacement. However, it is hard. I am tired.

I haven’t given up hope!

I know there will be the perfect opportunity for me soon. I have a couple other potential positions and I must only be patient, wait, and see what comes of them. Everything will work out for the best in the end. I am convinced of it.
Until then I shall be drinking lots of tea, reading all the books, knitting, sewing, and spending as much time as I possibly can with my handsome and incredible boyfriend. Sappy, I know. Can’t help it. And I don’t intend to apologize for it. Ever. He is absolutely brilliant and I am proud to be his girl. So, yes, I will brag about it occasionally. Hopefully it won’t be too terrible and I shan’t blame you if you skip over any mushy bits.

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