15 Posts – 15 Days

To teach myself the principle of turning random, bumbling thoughts into something a bit more consistent, I have come up with a scheme.

For 15 days, I want to write a blog post every. single. day. They won’t be grand. They might not even be good. But I want to work on writing. All the time. As much as I can.
I want to write books. In order to be a good writer capable of composing something worth reading, I must learn how to be an organized thinker. To express more precisely what I mean without that frustrating stumbling, mumbling, and mental rummaging. 
And I want to write blog posts. Dozens of them. I have this deep and endless appreciation for blogging. It’s why I keep coming back to it no matter how hard it has been and despite the bad memories or associations I have connected to it.
All of this means I will be posting. Starting today and publishing another post every day until March 6th. 
As I mentioned above, don’t expect fantastic things. Actually, you may feel free to ignore the existence of this blog for the next two weeks. I won’t be offended. Contrary to nearly every article on how to run a good blog, this is entirely for me and has nothing to do with you, dear reader. 
Hopefully there will be something useful to be gleaned from this anticipated word waterfall. I suppose we shall all find out together.

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