When Waiting on an Old Computer…

Well this is exhilarating.

I’m waiting for Libre Office to finishing downloading to my computer so I can start writing my story. And while that takes it’s merry old time, I decided it was entirely acceptable to pop on here and write a mini-post.

I’ve had a fairly productive morning so far.

I finally got all 300 pictures from the last couple months of 2019 edited and sent in to be printed at Walmart. That’s been hanging over my head for ages. I have a photo album full of pictures starting from when I had just moved to TN. It is beautiful and full of some of the most fantastic memories.

I’m starting a new one for 2020. Which means there are another 100 or so pictures I have to edit already, but I’m saving those for a bit until after I finish up my 2018-2019 album. Can’t emphasize how nice it is to have that mammoth task done!

I have to start work in less than an hour. 

Which means I still have plenty of time to write a good bit. If my poor old computer will hurry and finish opening this word processing app! Looks like it is just about done, thank goodness. I shall try to help it along by closing here. I shall report back soon on progress.

Oh! And I’m going to learn how to make sourdough!

For a friend. I’m going to learn how to make sourdough starter from scratch. I got some of the supplies today and I’m going to snitch some whole wheat flour from my mum tomorrow. I am keeping all my fingers crossed, hoping and praying that I don’t end up with a moldy, disgusting mess. Shall report back on this too.
Ta-ta for now!

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