Let the Rambling Commence

Ah yes. Let us begin again.

I’m sat here in front of my couch. Rather, kneeling. I’m strange. It’s quite alright. I prefer to be here and use the couch cushion as my table instead of sitting on it like any other sensible person.

It’s been a bit since I addressed the general internet population at large. Much has changed. I have changed. Here I am. Older. Hopefully wiser. But who knows. It usually isn’t until much later that we can see the wisdom or foolishness of our younger years.

I want to write books. 

Children’s books. Young adult fiction. Mystery novels. All of them. But especially children’s books. There is such a lack of good, and I mean really good literature available for the wee tots. I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to that.

I want to write articles on things I’ve learned. 

Or just general thoughts. Ideas. Notions. Or perhaps, some days, on nothing in particular. To just write and write and write.

I’ve been blogging off and on for almost 10 years now. Which is an exhilarating thought! Who would believe that I would have the privilege to live so long? But for the majority of that I’ve tried to fit some mold. Some impersonation of what I thought everyone around me wanted me to be. I’ve cried. And stressed. And some days hated every moment of it.

I’m tired of that. The new me is biding a fond farewell to that foolish lass and embarking on a new adventure.

What will The Teacup Mouse be about? 


Odds and ends. I love to do so many things. There isn’t one label or title that properly encompasses everything. So I am become The Teacup Mouse: The Rambling Tale of a Creative Lass. That about sums it up.

But mostly I just want to write. And to get all the quirks and witticisms out of my head and into a mostly tangible form.

And, I say this mostly for myself, I am not writing these posts for you! They’re just for me. The things I wish to think and write about. Yes, it’s incredibly selfish. It’s about time I tried that out.


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